Virtual Organizer

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Have you ever felt that if you just had a little pep-talk or accountability, you could do the organizing yourself? I believe in you!

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First, we will schedule an hour zoom, facetime, or phone call meeting. We will have a conversation to set some realistic goals and make a specific plan.

Then, we will schedule four 20-30 minute zoom, facetime, or phone call meetings – usually set at every two weeks. What has gone well? Did you exceed your own expectations? You will receive feedback, tips, and encouragement to meet the goals you have set.

Upon purchase of this package, you will get a response within 24 hours to schedule your first meeting.

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Oli the Otter’s Birthday

May 29

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Are you someone who often thinks of and misses friends and family but forget important dates like birthdays?

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We're here to help!

Rather than being impersonal, this method is to bring you closer to the people who are important to you. We gather information about you such as where you like to shop and then information about your people such as favorite colors and themes.

One month before the specified date (birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because), we will send you an email with three gift ideas specific to your person and event.

One week before the specified date, we will email a reminder that if you wish to send or order anything, now is the time!

Finally, on the morning of the specified date, we will text you a simple reminder.

Make a list of 12 dates, and we will send you a fun and brief survey about each of those.


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